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Little Unicorn
Little Unicorn
♂20, HPϟ, ℒittℓℯ ℳℴηs†ℯr. Septum. ♥ ♫♪. Dragon Rider. Take me to your planet.╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭. Born this way. XXII•I•MCMXCIV
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BBC Strictly: Don’t miss @ladygaga Cheek To Cheek with @itstonybennett on Strictly! Sunday 7.20pm. #scd

(Fuente: gagasgallery, vía thehausofamber)

Gaga tying a fan’s flag to her mic stand, not being able to get it off and acting like that was the plan all along. x

(Fuente: mother-gaga, vía aphroditexgaga)

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